Warsaw Caves, Warsaw Ontario

Warsaw Caves, Warsaw Ontario

Warsaw Caves, Warsaw Ontario
289 Caves Rd, Warsaw, ON  http://www.warsawcaves.com/

Highly recommended off the beaten path area Northeast of Peterborough Ontario,

The Warsaw Caves are a group of underground caverns, a geological feature located in the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area near the village of Warsaw, Ontario, Canada. The caves have long passages and mostly small open areas which are accessible to spelunkers.

The caves are cavities in the limestone rock which underlays the whole area. The Indian River, which flows through the area, disappears beneath the ground as it falls into underground channels caused by the collapsed limestone layers around the caves

The limestone layers are a result of glacial melting at the end of the last ice age, about 12,000 years ago. Fast flowing water has worn passages and kettles in the soft limestone, but once the ice was gone the flow lessened, and the ground gradually rose when relieved of the weight of the ice. Because of this the upper caves are no longer submerged.





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