Upper Ball’s Falls, Lincoln Ontario

Balls Falls Upper, Lincoln Ontario

Balls Falls Upper, Lincoln Ontario
Rating: 4/5
Twenty Mile Creek, Vineland, Niagara County
GPS: N 43 7.688 W 79 23.053
Access: Moderate, 15 minutes

Balls Falls Conservation area is beautiful to explore. When arriving your greeted by an old time village, and several bridges, the Lower Falls is to the South. It is a great hike North to the upper falls, great creek views and several trees and mossy terrain. You can go to the top of the trail for an overhead view of the Falls or cheat and explore the old Mill and creep down and through the hole and find your own (at risk) path to the bottom of the Falls (well worth it)

This Falls also has an interesting Karst feature on the side of the Gorge where water flows out of the side of the Wall.




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