Twin Tower Falls
Rating: 3.5/5
Eastern Region,Picton, Prince Edward County, Picton Bay
Access: Difficult
Lattitude and Longitude: 44.0341669   -77.13941879999999
Address: 2 White Chapel Rd, Prince Edward, ON K0K, Canada

Charming find! Originally found from the service road on the other side of Picton off White Chapel Road, through the tree tops bushes two glistening waterfalls raging side by side about 75 metres apart on private property.

The coordinates are difficult but the entry point was off Highway 49 near white chapel you will see an entry way and a path leading down, a very steep path.

Rarely do you see almost two identical waterfalls like this, being down in the trenches right up close and personal will allow you to tell your own story.





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