Tiffany Falls, Hamilton Ontario



Tiffany Falls
Rating: 4/5
Tiffany Creek, Ancaster, Hamilton Region
GPS: N 43 14.436 W 79 57.694
Access: Easy, 5 minutes
Address: Tiffany Falls Side Trail, Hamilton, ON L9G 3H6

Tiffany Falls was named after Dr. Oliver Tiffany, the district’s first doctor. Born in Massachusetts, he studied medicine at the Philadelphia Medical College, and came to Ancaster Township in 1796. Because his practice covered such a vast territory, Dr. Tiffany would stable horses at farms all over the district, so that he could always locate a fresh mount if necessary during his rounds. He died on May 7, 1835, after serving the people faithfully for forty years. It is said that six hundred people attended his funeral, and the traffic jam created by the influx of buggies and wagons was talked about by residents for a long time afterward.

This waterfall used to be fairly difficult to access during inclement weather conditions, but a new pathway was jointly completed in 2007 by the Hamilton Conservation Authority, the Bruce Trail Iroquoia section, the Rotary Club of Ancaster, and the Trillium Foundation. This new pathway includes two new bridges to cross the creek and a viewing platform.

Tiffany Falls is also a location where ice climbing is allowed.

Top Photo Credit: YMustang5 from Instagram





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