The Thomson Settlement Museum, Scarborough Ontario



This historic home/museum is situated right in Thomson Memorial Park in Scarborough.
1005 Brimley Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 3E9

The first permanent resident in Scarborough Township was David Thomson, a Scot who came to Upper Canada with his brother Andrew in 1796. Each was granted 160 ha and David built a log cabin on his property that year. He was soon joined by other settlers, including his brothers Andrew and Archibald. The Thomsons, who were stone masons, worked on the first Parliament Buildings at York (Toronto). A road connecting the settlement with York was opened by 1799, and a sawmill was built by each of the brothers. A Presbyterian church, the first in the township, was built in 1819 on David’s land and became the centre of the prospering “Thomson Settlement”.




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