TerraCello Winery, Bloomfield Ontario



TerraCello Winery, Bloomfield Ontario
2436 County Road 1, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0 http://terracellowinery.com/

Enjoy a full wine tasting experience in Prince Edward County. Rustic wagons and sheds, wheat fields, play areas for kids and wood fire pizza.

TerraCello Story

In 2004, after a trip to his father’s hometown, Anzano di Puglia, Italy, Anthony Auciello came to a dark realization. The family’s “pezza di Terra”, piece of land in Italy that his father and cousin had purchased in 1990 was in bad shape. Overgrown bush stood instead of the fruit trees and small vineyard once planted there. However, a seed was planted in his mind. Inspired by Italy’s astounding beauty, vineyards, culture and people, Mr. Auciello came back to Canada with a vision. As luck would have it, in 2005 at age 25, he had been made aware of Prince Edward County by his mother Franka. Within days, the search for that perfect parcel of “Terra” as his father always referenced God’s earth, was on. Obsessed with “La Terra” the search went on for over a year, with his soon to be wife Daniela always there by his side.

In 2006, they found that magical piece of “Terra” and the “Ciello” family began in earnest to restore the “Fox” farm starting with the Fox farmhouse formally the home of Mr. John Fox, county Warden in the 1960’s. Restless and eager to leave Toronto, Mr. Auciello began renovating the 4,000sq foot “Drive Shed”, a building that was used to store agricultural equipment, firewood and hay. For 6 years people often drove by and couldn’t understand what this young crazy Italian was doing as progress was often slow. Loving neighbours often dropped in and encouraged him to keep building. Little by little, Mr. Auciello was building a Winery from 65% salvaged county material given to him by his top Architect Ernie Margetson. In time, the building began to resemble an old Italian wine fattoria (factory). With little money, but unrelenting will and a keen eye, he found used material such as the historic Picton Church brick, using it to pay homage to the county and to his late father a master stonemason himself. His father would often say, “you can build something from nothing, but you’ll have to sacrifice” and “always go through the back door when the front door is closed”. Today, after nearly 7 years of sacrifice, determination and shear hard work, TerraCello Winery welcomes everyone at their front door with gratitude.

Anthony Auciello, Owner









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