Stubbs Falls, Huntsville Ontario


Stubbs Falls
Rating: 3/5
Little East River, Huntsville, Muskoka County
GPS:  N 45 22.944 W 79 12.445
Access: Easy trail, 15 minutes inside Arrowhead Provincial Park

Stubbs Falls is an interesting trail across from the Arrowhead Lake View in Arrowhead Provincial Park.  This is a very busy and popular spot, you walk through the woods along the lake on top of an interesting Gorge.

When you get across the beautiful bridge 15 minutes into the hike you can wind down below and see a nice rapids which then curves into the forest for a sliding waterfall.  At low flow there is massive dry rocks you can explore as you see a small curving slide of water around the north side of the Falls, this would be a beauty at high flow.




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