Steeple in the field, Prince Edward County Ontario



Steeple in the field
2-152 Mariset Road, Prince Edward County Ontario
From the Farm on Mariset Road  the Steeple is just North West of the farm on google maps below situated right in the middle of the field next door

You never know of the eclectic charm you will find in Prince Edward County. It was hard to define the Steeple in the field as an “Attraction” but it was unusual enough to warrant it among the list of things you do in Prince Edward County since it is so close to Sandbank Provincial Park.

Prince Edward County is filled with spectacle sites, beaches and wineries, taking a venture off  on a back road gives you a whole new perspective.  See how it once was and actually how rural Prince Edward County is, and come across things like a Steeple in the middle of a field.






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