My Spirit Rock Conservation Area experience


A few summers ago, we read about the Corran Ruins situated in the south Bruce Peninsula, and being intrigued, we made plans for a day trip to explore! We packed a picnic lunch then headed off early one morning, making a pit stop in Wiarton for coffee, then continued north on hwy#6 for another 20 minutes to see a sign indicating Spirit Rock Conservation Area. We drove up a long tree-lined dirt road until we found the parking lot. The Corran Ruins were within sight and were interesting to see. I can only imagine what the home of Alexander McNeill, built in 1881 looked like when it was standing in all of its beauty. It was once a 17 room mansion lavished with oriental rugs, ancient weapons, tapestries and book-lined walls. There were once beautiful gardens and orchards established on the property as well. The mansion was set high up on a hill over-looking Colpoy’s Bay, at the edge of the Niagara Escarpment where sailing boats can still be seen. A metal spiral staircase leads down to the bay as well as access to the Bruce Trail.  I would never have known about this historical jewel along the Georgian Bay in the Bruce Peninsula if I had not read Ron Brown’s book: “Unusual Things to See in Ontario”. I highly recommend you to pack a picnic lunch and take a drive so you can also discover this place for yourself!

Article By: Joanne Wiersma




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