Rockway Falls, Niagara County, Ontario



Rockway Falls
Rating: 4.5/5
Fifteen Mike Creek, Rockway, Niagara County
GPS: N 43 6.672 W 79 19.224
Access: Moderate trail difficulty, walking time
Address: Near Rockway Community Centre  2021 Pelham Road (Regional Rd 69) Lincoln, Ontario

On the particular day we visited it was raining all day and to slippery to attempt to go to the bottom.  This gem is one of the Niagara Greenbelt’s best-kept secrets. Formed through glacial erosion, and with a height of 18.3 meters, these falls are a must see attraction for waterfall lovers. Rockway Falls is a great example of a ramp formation where the water flows over sloping rock into a three meter deep basin. A basin is a rock formation which has been scooped out by water erosion.

Downstream from these falls are other smaller falls which are smaller in stature, but are still worth seeing. Besides the waterfalls, this conservation area boasts hiking trails such as the Bruce Trail.
Warning: There is no protective fencing separating you from the steep drop of the gorge. When viewing the falls use caution. The falls are located just off a main road, so also be careful of traffic.

Close to: Martin’s Falls





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