Ranney Falls, Campellford Ontario
Rating: 2.5/5
Eastern Region, Northumberland County
GPS: N 44 17.694 W 77 48.108
Access: Easy
Found at the west side of Ferris Provincial Park

Ranney Falls is a wide plunge waterfall found just south of Campbellford. Access is from the Ferris Provincial Park.  The falls spans the entire width of the Trent River, perhaps 50-60 m. The crest forms a downstream pointing V-shape. The falls is perhaps 4 m high. The view of the river valley from the Park is impressive. A new high suspension footbridge crosses the Ranney gorge just downstream from the falls. Upstream at Trent Drive there is a low, stony spillway beneath a dam.

In the summer you can swim in the Falls and even enter down into the gorge, walk under the cliffs into tiny caves and explore around the Trent River.

Close to: Ferris Provincial Park, Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge, Healey Falls, Canadian Toonie







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