The Old Lakeshore Lodge Location, Prince Edward County Ontario



The Old Lakeshore Lodge Location, Prince Edward County Ontario
171-341 Lake Shore Lodge Rd, Prince Edward, ON K0K, Canada

This is more then just then just a historic location of a party scene the way it “used to be” (see history below)  This is a great place to explore ,the foundation of the old Lodge are still on site. If you explore the area further you can see the beautiful Blue Shore Line of Lake Ontario. If you look North you will see a start of a beach and great views from one of the SandBanks beaches. If you climb down (there is a way) and walk along the shoreline you will see interesting rock formations (similar to Point Petre), mini cliffs and several spots and locations where beach goers in chairs find a private spot to take in this tranquil setting. (you would never think your in Ontario)

Lake Shore Lodge History:

The lodge was built between 1870 and 1893 by Daniel McDonald. Advertise was it was the finest summer houses in Canada, the lodge overlooked sand and beach of the Sandbanks. It featured an ice cream parlour, a small golf course and a bowling alley. A dinner hall held up to one hundred guest. The popular gathering place was the dance hall and recreational center. The last dance hall built in the 60’s and featured a terrazzo dance floor inbedded with the letters “LSL”, It’s remains can still be seen today. It is said 1 million people visited Lakeshore Lodge over its century of operation. Then in 1971 it was purchased by the National Canadian Resources and closed a year later because of its poor state of repair. Regrettably, the Lodge and dance hall burned down in 1983. Its foundation is still there.







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