Muskoka Falls, Bracebridge Ontario


Muskoka Falls, Bracebridge Ontario
Rating: 3/5
Muskoka River, Bracebridge, Muskoka Country
GPS:  N 44 59.514 W 79 17.867
Access: Moderate

This is a very unique high plunging Falls that is a challenge to get to. When in the parking area, we crossed a highway and walked down a walking path beside the Falls. You could not see the Falls due to blockage, when continuing down the path for a mile there was no entry way to even see or explore the Falls. To find the falls we came back up to where we started and at the road crossing went to the top of the bridge (there is not much room to walk) and saw the top of the Falls from over the bridge.  If you cross the bridge you can get better vantage point on the top rock croppings but there are signs everywhere to stay off as it can be dangerous. If you go over to this area it is quite a site, this is a beautiful waterfall that would be more delightful if it has a viewing platform or better accessibility and not just from a busy roadside stop with barriers all over the place.





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