Jobes Woods Trail Fall Colours, Presquile Provincial Park, Brighton Ontario



Jobes Woods Trail Fall Colours, , Brighton Ontario
Park Address: 328 Presqu’Ile Pkwy, Brighton, ON

A colourful trail guide is available at the trail head sign to direct you through this wheelchair accessible loop of alternating trail and boardwalk. You will pass through four communities while on this trail. Towering Sugar Maples dominate the old growth forest as you enter the trail. Watch for Pileated Woodpeckers drilling large oval holes in the side of dead trees, looking for a meal of invertebrates. Wood Frogs and Spotted Salamanders take advantage of the water accumulation in the Black Ash swamp during spring mating season. They must breed in water and their aquatic larvae mature in the ephemeral pools while feeding on the larvae of mosquitoes and other invertebrates.

Next you will find that you have left the forest and are standing in the midst of an old field. Thomas and Ezekial Jobe cleared this area for farmland many years ago. After being abandoned, the field filled in with sun-loving plants. Today, Red Ash trees, ferns and wildflowers dominate the field, but over many years, it will become part of the forest once more. Keep your eyes open for White-tailed Deer that like to browse on the young trees or bed down in the tall grasses.

The straight rows of planted pines and spruces in the plantation you encounter will help you appreciate the diversity of the natural forest. Trees in a plantation are all the same age and their density prevents new growth on the ground. Plantations were established many years ago as windbreaks to shelter the boats in Presqu’ile Bay. Take a stroll down Jobes Woods Trail and you will see these and other signs of Presqu’ile’s past.

Information Source: Ontario’s Trails




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