High Falls on the Skootamatta River, Actinolite Ontario


High Falls Actinolite Ontario
Rating: 2.5/5
Eastern Region, Hasting County Tweed/Actinolite, Ontario
GPS: N 44 33.879 W 77 19.599
End of Forbes Road off County Road 25, Walk West 800 M (private property)

This is a unique and rare waterfall viewing, most waterfalls are located off the side of the road or on regular hiking trails. High Falls is accessed through private property but is along the Skootamatta River. When we were here we had to keep rerouting around wetland, eventually making it to the river and hiking through bush with many twists and turns until approaching the river base at the top and hearing the sounds of beautiful raging water. After an hour we finally made it (it should take about 20 minutes if you do not get re-routed) This Waterfall is one of the higher ones in Hastings County and well worth it because it is so remote and offers a unique peaceful experiences.

Rock Fungus At the Side of the Falls

Beautiful Riverbase at the top of the Falls

My hiking partner standing in Furlong almost 6 feet tall on our way to the Falls

Top aerial view of High Falls, before having to hike down and around to gain access





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