High Falls, Barron Canyon (Alqonquin Provincial Park)



High Falls (Barron Canyon)
Rating: 5/5
Barron River, Northeast Region, Nipissing County, Alqonquin Provincial Park
GPS: N 45 51.529 W 77 41.531
Access: Canoe or extended hike
Barron Canyon Trail is located at km 29.0 of the Barron Canyon Road, 11 km north of the Sand Lake Gate

The only way to access High Falls in the Barron Canyon is by staying in the Achray campground in Algonquin Provincial Park. The other neat feature despite this waterfall being one of the largest and most remote in our Province is the waterslide at the top of the Falls and leading to the Falls. (see slide photo below)

This part of Algonquin is so remote and hiking the canyon and going to High Falls may take hours, for a detailed view of this area and recommendations please visit a blog from Bob and Diane Mcelroy


Photo Source: Our Instagram follower Mcvean_11




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