Hatchery Falls, Utterson Ontario


Hatchery Falls, Muskoka County Ontario
Rating: 3/5
Skelton River, Rousseau, Muskoka Country
GPS:  N 45 13.367 W 79 30.967
Access: Moderate, 15 minute hike
When in the parking area at the Fish Hatchery Park (on Fish Hatchery Road-OFF ON-141) find the trail to the West and head long the water. If you cross the Road at the park towards Skeleton Lake you will see a small cascade but that is not Hatchery Falls.

Hatchery Falls is a wonderful little spot, when hiking in the woods you can feel the calm and history in this area as it was all once home to the Fish Hatchery Park, The trail from the road to the falls, and includes several interpretive signs about the surrounding forest,

The falls themselves are about 7-8m high with multiple drops over a short distance. We were able to cross the river at the bottom over several rocks to explore the other side which provided unique and beautiful views.




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