The Gut Waterfall, Coe Hill Ontario



The Gut
Rating: 3/5
Crowe River Lake, Hastings County
GPS: N 44 46.024 W 77 52.6
Access: Moderate, down a set of Stairs

Address: South Lake Road, Apsley, Ontario
The Gut Conservation Area: 613-472-3137

Beautiful remote spot to enjoy.  Some people had problems finding the waterfall and walked in the wrong direction, you take the stairs down facing North and walk the path (you will walk along the top of the Gorge to get to the waterfall) Once your at the waterfall check out the lovely stream at the base, picturesque with rocks in the water. You can also go down into the Gorge and explore its lovely, and down stream further picnic of Swim.

The Gut Conservation Area is located in the northern portion of the watershed. It is a 162 ha site located just east of Apsley. This Conservation Area features walking trials, a parking lot, a look out area and a stairway down to the gorge. The “Gut” is a large gorge that the Crowe River flows through for about 230 meters. The fissure that forms the gorge is over 30 meters high and varies from 5 to 10 metes in width. The gorge presents a breathtaking glimpse of this unique terrain.

The Gut Sign


Top stream of the Gut before it curves into the Waterfall


Gorge at the bottom of the Waterfall







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