Guildwod Park, Scarborough, Ontario
Scarborough, ON M1P 4N7, Canada
Access: Easy

Guildwood Park is a beautiful setting with gardens and beautiful architecture, this was also featured in the book the Top 125 Most Unusual things in Ontario.  Great for a walk, stroll, photo shoot and to take in the beautiful collection, this is along the Scarborough Bluffs area where you can step outside of the park for some great views.

Guildwood village was developed around the Inn, starting in 1957 with the famous “Avenue of Homes” display of upscale homes. The community introduced a number of new ideas in subdivision design, including winding roads and cul-de-sacs to reduce through traffic, and underground power and phone lines. ” Rear-lot parks were modelled after English footpaths as walkways within the community.”The subdivision was also entered through the former gates of Toronto’s Stanley Barracks (New Fort York), which had been salvaged and re-erected at the entrance to Guildwood Village after all but the officer’s quarters were demolished in 1953. These gates, now called the “Guildwood Gates” still provide a unique and grand entrance to the community at the corner of Kingston Road and Guildwood Parkway

Close to: Scarborough Bluffs










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