Great Falls, Hamilton Ontario



Great Falls (Grindstone Falls, Waterdown Falls, Smokey Hollow Falls)
Rating: 3/5
Grindstone Creek, Hamilton County
GPS: N 43 19.8 W 79 53.233
Access: Easy|
Address: 150 Mill St S, Hamilton, ON L0R

How to get there

If you are coming from Toronto on Hwy 403, take the Waterdown exit and turn right and head up the hill towards Waterdown, in a few miles, you will descend into a valley, the parking lot is just before the train bridge on the left side.

Coming from downtown Hamilton take the Waterdown exit off Hwy 403, turn left and head up the hill towards Waterdown parking lot is on the left just before the train bridge.

If you are coming from the north, you want to take Hwy 5 ( Dundas Street ) then turn on Mill Street. Keep driving until you come to Smokey Hollow Park on the right. Great Falls is close to the parking lot.

To reach the waterfall by walking trail, you can take the Waterdown section of the Bruce Trail.

Great Falls, also known as Grindstone Falls, has a height of 10m or 33 feet, and a crest width of 5m or 16 feet. It is located on the Grindstone Creek in Waterdown section of Hamilton just off Mill Street, and has year round flow. A viewing platform has been built beside the waterfall as well as a parking lot.


This area, known as Smokey Hollow, was once heavily industrial, as the Grindstone Creek was a power source for a sawmill at the base of Great Falls, as well as other mills that appeared over the years. By 1912, however, the mills had all closed, as the water level in Grindstone Creek had gone down and the steam engines that propelled the waterpower were acknowledged to be too dangerous. Today, thanks to a rehabilitation program implemented by Waterdown residents, the locality is a beautiful and well-kept park. The City of Waterfalls Volunteers also spend a lot of time and energy in the winter months trying to keep the stairs and viewing platform clear of snow and ice.






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