Fourth Chute Upper, Middle, and Lower, Renfrew County Ontario


Fourth Chute Upper, Middle, and Lower, Renfrew County Ontario
Rating: 4/5
Bonnechere River, Fourth Chute, Renfrew County
GPS: N 45 30.2 W 77 00.42
Access: Easy. From Highway 60 at Eganville go south on Fourth Chute Road for about 9km. After you cross the bridge over the Bonnechere River you will find parking on the right side.

The main photo is of the Lower Fourth Chute.  The Fourth Chute in general is a beautiful and serene place to visit. We were lucky enough to be there at off season (across the road is the Bonnechere Caves) where we had the entire place to ourselves.

The Upper Falls is a beautiful yet smaller cascade roadside, looking upstream you see the beautiful base of the river, the Falls are prettier for being a lower cascade due to naturally and no dams built to modify the site.  The best part is crossing the road and winding down the path to the Middle Falls.

The Middle Falls boasts the bridge in the background and parts of an older building left behind. It was a challenge to work our way down the rocks to the rock base below. When you scamper across some rocks when you look up at the Middle Falls it is a great view and in the far background you see the Upper Falls in a distance, at that point you know your in a special, remote place. When looking downstream towards the lower Falls you can see on the left side some cave formations (I think it connects to Bonnechere Caves, where the stream winds around the bend for the Lower Falls (from the middle falls looking down is not the best vantage.

The unmarked trail to the middle and lower Falls is beautiful to explore, on the way down to the Lower Falls we came across some Natural Rock Formations and Caves (see below) it felt like you were popping down a rabbit hole like in the movie Alice in Wonderland. Exploring the geology and rock formations were some of the most unique we have ever seen.

When finding the way to the top of the lower Falls you could see Flat Rounded rock edges at the side of the Falls, again a formation never seen before and so unique looking, You can explore the top of the Lower Falls and still work your way back to the trail, you can of off the tail on the top of the gorge and find many ways to get better access on the Rock Formations to the lower Falls, and eventually work your way down to the bottom downstream around another bend from the Lower Falls.

Definitely  the best set of Falls long the Bonnechere River and most interesting overall in Ontario

Fourth Chute Upper

Fourth Chute Middle

Fourth Chute Lower

Caves just off the path on the way to the lower Fourth Chute




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