The Founding Of Huntsville, Huntsville Ontario



Hunstsville City Hall, The Founding of Huntsville Plaque
Address: 37 Main St E, Huntsville, ON P1H 1A1

Beautiful Rolling Hills in Huntsville Ontario. This idealic town is surrounded by nature at its finest and a boutique downtown with heritage and shopping.

Plaque Text

During the late 1860s a small agricultural settlement, founded largely through the efforts of Captain George Hunt, developed here. In 1870 a post office called Huntsville was established and the following year the Muskoka Colonization Road was extended to this point. Improvements in transportation including the opening of a navigable water route north from Port Sydney to Huntsville in 1877 and the arrival of the Northern and Pacific Junction Railway eight years later spurred the village’s growth. With the erection of a tannery and saw, planing and shingle mills by the 1890s, the community emerged as an important industrial centre for the region. Although lumbering enterprises gradually declined during the early 20th century, Huntsville continued to prosper as one of Muskoka’s most popular resort towns.




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