My favourite #PureOntario gems, from Nikki De Haan a Pure Ontario contributor



Favourite #PureOntario Spot: My favourite spot would have to be the Lookout Trail in Algonquin Provincial Park.


The views are incredible in any weather and it’s a spot that takes your breath away.  Last Fall I was able to go up during the colour change and the trees were stunning.  Well worth the hike!

Favourite #PureOntario local spots: There’s so much to do and see down in Prince Edward County.  The important part is to find hidden gems that the tourists from Toronto haven’t figured out yet.  It’s getting increasingly hard to do so as the summers have passed by. Lakeshore Lodge in Sandbanks Provincial Park is always a great place to watch sunsets. There’s never too many people that stay that late so you usually get a clear view of the sunset from the beach. The water is generally calm at night there so you can get some beautiful reflections of all the colours too.


If you want a great place to swim with fewer people I would suggest Point Petre. The water almost looks tropical there and many people won’t go that far into the county to swim.  Make sure you hit up Sunflower Fields Ice Cream Shoppe on your way home. They have some tasty ice cream there!


If you are looking for some place for paddle sports, look no further than North Beach Provincial Park.  Not only does it have a Lake Ontario side for great swimming that has more waves, it also has an inlet side that has much calmer waters for SUP’s and kayaks.  Watch out for the boats that launch there if you are on a SUP. The wakes from the boats can get to be a bit much on a busy day. Make sure you stop in at the Mill Street Take Out in Consecon on your way home. The Mill Street Burger and fries are amazing! They have such good poutine too for you traditional Canadians out there.

Latest  #PureOntario Big Adventure: My latest adventure was to the Bruce Peninsula National Park and the town of Tobermory, ON. I got to take a glass bottom boat tour to Flowerpot Island. The water around Georgian Bay is incredibly clear and you can see all of the shipwrecks right from your boat in Big Tub Harbour. We tried to get in to see The Grotto twice and both times we were turned away at the gates due to over capacity. When talking to the locals they told us you need to be lined up and waiting before the gates open to even have a chance to get in. We talked to one gate attendant and as of 5PM they had already turned away 3000 cars on a Saturday. Needless to say we never got to see The Grotto which was the whole reason for us to travel to the Bruce Peninsula. We had a happy change of events and instead went to Mermaid Cove and had a lovely swim in Georgian Bay. Another must see in Tobermory is the Big Tub Harbour lighthouse at night. The sunset was beautiful with the lighthouse in the background. A great place to eat in Tobermory is Leeside Restaurant & Patio Bar. It’s a really relaxed environment and tasty food.

Bio: I’m a 25 year old female from Corbyville, Ontario which is about 10 minutes North of Belleville.  I have my Bachelor (Honours) with First-Class Standing in Physical Education from Brock University and I also have my Intermediate/Senior Bachelor of Education with teachables in Physical Education, Geography and Special Education Part 1 from Trent University. I currently work for the City of Belleville as the Summer Day Camp Coordinator and in the Fall I will be the Youth Programmer. I am also an Acro dance teacher at The Dance Company in downtown Belleville.  I’m a former gymnast and high jumper so you’ll often find me doing handstands and jumps for pictures in front of sunsets. If you spot me, come say hi.  I’m an avid wanderer and love taking off on adventures whenever I can.  I grew up in Corbyville, ON on a tree plantation so the outdoors is in my blood.  I have no training in photography at all.  I took visual art all of my years I was in high school but as I got older and went to university I found it a lot harder to sit down and draw landscapes so my parents got me my first camera and the rest was history.  All of my pictures are trial and error. I don’t like to edit my photos and quite frankly I have no clue how to properly edit them. You can follow me on my journey on Instagram by following @nik.dh.




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