Cordova Falls, Cordova Mines Ontario



Cordova Falls
Rating: 3/5
Crowe River, Cordova  Mines, Peterborough County
GPS: N 44 33.367 W 77 49.497
Access: Moderate590 Fire Rte 18, Havelock, ON K0L 1Z0, Canada

From the village of Cordova Mines head west on County Road 48 and after 1.7 km take the 2nd right onto Preston Road and then in 0.8 km take the 1st right onto Fire Route 18. The entrance to the falls area is 2.7 km, you can start out looking for a small parking opening to the left.

Remote, picturesque, rugged with multiple sets. Cordova Falls is a peaceful area, one in the summer where you see swimmers at the top of the last set of  the lower Falls and Canoer’s at the bottom.  The area is also very remote, if you hike in the woods along the Last Set of Falls upstream you will come across several other sets of falls, a Gorge, and beautiful views in the woods and along the Crowe River.

You can work your way up and onto the road seeing further sets of Falls, cross over a bridge and see ruins of an old building as well as you make your way up the steep hill and back down for the upper falls.

This is a majestic area for a hike, please note there is parking at the lower and upper falls ara (see map below)

The upper Falls flows from Cordova Lake, and winds around three sets of upper Falls, while you work your way down to the road and down the hill you can find reminents of an old building, as you wind the corner on the road you will see a beautiful cascade.  For the next part the best part of the hike is to veer into the forest along the lake, as you walk along you will see several sets of rapids, cliffs, and some small gorges. (there is enough of a trail) As you approach another high gorge you will see a cliff across the water (where the secret Falls are) if you keep along the path on the water you will approach other sets of falls, and the middle falls, before ascending on the lower falls (left and right)

It is a magical trek in a remote, beautiful hidden area. (each time we parked at the lower and did the hike starting that way)

Cordova Falls Lower (Left Side)


Cordova Falls Lower (Left Side)

Cordova Falls Lower (Left Side)

Cordova Falls Lower (Right Side)

Cordova Falls Middle (Right Side)

Near the middle Falls with a Gorge in the distance


Walking past the middle falls along the right gorge



Looking at the rapid flow facing North


Secret Middle Falls (left side across the stream on the other side of the left gorge)


Beautiful rock formations when the water is at low flow


Tree icicles at Cordova Falls middle

Cordova Falls Upper

Cordova Falls Upper

Cordova Falls Upper

Cordova Falls Upper




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