Corby Park Rose Garden, Belleville Ontario


Corby Park Rose Garden
220 Ann Street, Belleville ON K8N 2T7

Beautiful to visit in the Spring and Summer with the Roses in full Bloom. The stunning Rose water fountain is always running and at the Center of it all you get a perfect view of the entire garden. Perfect for a family outing, wedding, a place to reflect or just to visit to see the uniqueness.

The Corby Park Rose garden is situated in the middle of the old East village in Belleville, a great area to explore the heritage homes and a few blocks from the Bay of Quinte.





  1. 50 years ago on February 7, 1970 my husband and I walked around Corbly Park on that cold winter day . Except he wasn’t my husband then , but he soon would be because he proposed to me as we sat on a bench in Corby Park on a cold winter night in 1970 .

    We had planned to return this year 2020 when we would be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on June 27 . However, Sadly , my dear husband passed away very suddenly on July 9, 2019 . Only 12 days after our 49th wedding anniversary .

    So we won’t we coming to Belleville to celebrate our very special year together, but I will always remember the beauty of the Corby Garden that
    cold winter night in 1970 when we promised to love each other forever .
    Although we visited several times when the garden was in bloom, I will never forget being there tonight my husband proposed . I will never forget my wonderful husband Stewart G. Froese.


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