Cardinal Creek Falls, Orleans Ontario


Cardinal Creek Falls, Orleans Ontario
Rating: 1/5
Ottawa-Carleton County, Cardinal Creek, Orleans
GPS: N 45 29.132 W 75 28.081
Access: Easy
1056 Watters Rd, Orléans, ON K4A 3P9

The Cardinal Creek Falls are relatively an underwhelming waterfall, other aspects of this area such as the history, hiking, and cave formations make it an interesting place to visit.

The entrance to this unique and remarkable karst (cave system) is located on the east side of the bridge. In 2009 the Province designated the southern portion of the Cardinal Creek karst (cave system) as an Earth Sciences Area of Natural Scientific Interest (ANSI) (south of Watters Road). The Cardinal Creek Community Association is working to protect and bring awareness to this remarkable natural feature.




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