Bracebridge Falls, Bracebridge Ontario



Bracebridge Falls
Rating: 3.5/5
Muskoka River, Muskoka County, Bracebridge
GPS: N 45 2.317 W 79 18.483
Access: Easy

There is something about Muskoka, and Bracebridge is at the heart of it all. Bracebridge Falls has an upper and lower falls that is a destination just off downntown Bracebridge. Although not as high or deep as some falls in Ontario the amount of tourists in Muskoka take pride in this Falls and all of the Falls in the area.

Parking at Bracebridge Bay Park is free and has the best views of the lower falls, you can walk up the hill and over the bridge for a view of the upper falls. On the east side of the road off Ecclestone Drive has a great viewing platform as well which offers a great long distance view of the Falls.




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