The Alderville War Monument, Alderville Ontario



The Alderville War Monument, Alderville Ontario
5630 Macklin Road, Roseneath, ON K0K 2X0

The Alderville War Monument was unveiled on Sunday September 25, 1927 to a large crowd (some 3000 people) of community members, neighbouring communities, and dignitaries who had gathered for the commemoration of those who gave so much in the Great War, 1914-1918.

The first sod was turned on Sunday August 21st and within just over a month some 468 tons of concrete had been poured raising this unique design almost 50 feet. Clarence and Alf McKeel were the two Campbellford, Ontario men who contributed the design and technical advice on its construction, while the local men and women supplied the labour and hospitality.

Originally built to honour the 33 Alderville men who enlisted for service during the Great War including the 9 who gave up their lives, it now also commemorates the contributions made by Alderville during WW11, Korea, and peacetime. But it was the Great War, ‘the war to end all wars’ that could have only been in the minds of the people that day in 1927.

Described as “one of the most remarkable monuments in the whole of Canada” this beautiful structure “was the first erected in Canada to commemorate the service of Indians in the First World War.” 2007 marked the 80th anniversary of the construction of this “astounding” and purposely imposing memorial to the warriors of Alderville First Nation.

There are two plaques on the cenotaph, the first commemorating those who fought in World War I. Later another plaque was added to commemorate soldiers that served and died in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.




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