Agawa Falls, Agawa Ontario



Agawa Falls
Rating: 4/5
Algoma Region, Agawa River, Lake Superior Provincial Park
GPS: N 47 22.632 W 84 32.106
Access: Difficult, 12 hours round trip Hike

If you have a day to spare, and are looking for good adventure and a great waterfall, go see Agawa Falls. If you will not be in the area very long, or if you are not up for a day long hike, you might want to skip Agawa and use the time to visit the other falls in Lake Superior Provincial Park and in Wawa.

Agawa Falls is in Lake Superior Provincial Park. If you are looking for an out of the way waterfall, far from cars and people, this is the one for you. The Algoma Central Railway is not too far away, but you will not see it.

The falls are at the end of the Towab Trail. The trailhead can be reached via Frater road, off of Trans-Canada Highway 17. Frater road is unpaved and rather rough. The trailhead is about three miles from the highway. The trail is 12km long, one way. Hiking in, spending some time at the falls, and hiking out took over 10 hours, and unless you run, I doubt you could do it any quicker. The park actually estimates that it will take you 6-8 hours to hike the trail one way. Many people make it a two day adventure. There are several camp sites along the trail, including one at the top of the falls.

The beginning of the trail is deceptively easy. The first third of the trail is an easy descent through forest to the river bed. The trail follows the river for awhile, and the scenery is very pretty. Just when you think you will get to the falls in no time, the trail starts to look like this. The last third is very rough, with lots of steep ups and downs.

Moose and bear can both be seen on the Towab trail, or so they say. I briefly saw something big and moose-like on the way to the river. One of the guys I met along the trail said he heard a bear on the trail. He was a ranger at Tahquamenon State Park, so I’ll take his word for it.

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